A Few Last Snapshots Of Paris

I'm heading back to England and then Wales but not without some regrets. I've really enjoyed my time in Paris. The symmetry and the zinc mansard roofs in Place des Vosges are truly lovely.

I don't know my saints well enough to know which one was beheaded, but the statue amused me.

 Thank goodness they turned the Gare d'Orsay into a museum rather than tearing it down!

Imagine putting so much effort and detail into a balcony support - our modern builders certainly don't.

La Grande Roue was an excellent way to see all the main sights without walking an inch.

A sunny afternoon in the Jardins des Tuileries - spring is on its way.

And, in the park behind my Paris housesit, pigeons are courting, four males are eagerly pursuing a female duck, and there are pussy willows and buds on the trees.