DIY Space Marine Bike Squad Project

I know I haven't been posting as many "project updates" as I was before. A change in my job has left me with much less time for the hobby so I'm trying to squeeze in as much as I can on the weekends.

That being said, I've been working on getting this bike squad finished as on of my larger projects I've been trying to wrap up now for the last couple months. I hate when I fall behind and I try to stay on schedule as best I can.

I've got half the squad done now but it's slow going since I'm painting these guys one at a time. I thought I might be able to paint them up in an assembly line fashion but it proved to be problematic for me and it seems like I can get them done faster if I focus on them one at a time. I know it probably takes longer to do it this way but in my mind, I'm cruising right along.

My Project Link: Space Marines Commission

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