DURIAN STEAM BROWNIES (KUKUS) - By Master Pastry Chef William Tan

(Ingredients A)                                               Dosage
Salted Butter                                                    250g
Cake Stabilizer (Ovallete/SP)                          10 g
Icing  Sugar                                                        60g
Caster Sugar                                                      40g

(Ingredients B)
Whole Eggs                                                      3 nos

(Ingredients C)
Plain Flour                                                       180g
Corn Flour                                                        50g    
Milk Powder                                                     50g
Baking Powder                                                1 tsp

(Ingredients D)
 Mashed Pure Durian                                     150g

(Ingredients E)
UHT Fullcream Milk                                       50g

1. Mix and beat Ingredients A until light and fluffy. Add Ingredients B one at the time,continue to beat until smooth and light.
2. Add in Ingredients C,mix until well-blended. Add Ingredients D,mix until well-combined.Then add ingredients     E until well-blended.
3.Pour the durian brownie batter into  7”inch square cake mould.
4. Put it into steamer and steam for about 60 minutes until cooked.Set aside to cool.
Acknowledge Recipe by :Master Pastry Chef William Tan