Flavourful Saskatoon, June 5, 2017

World Gin Day, June 10 
Celebrate World Gin Day from 12-6 pm, June 10, at Black Fox Farm & Distillery with some of Saskatoon’s best mixologists.

Asparagus & Rhubarb: A Celebration, June 11 
Prairie folk welcome spring with open arms after an overly long winter. We can finally shed our winter coats and abandon root vegetables for fresh spring produce. The Saskatoon Farmers’ Market is celebrating our spring bounty with an Asparagus & Rhubarb Celebration on Sunday, June 11. There will be free samples, face painting, in-house demos, and more.

Slow Food National Summit, Apr. 19-22 
Slow Food Saskatoon will be hosting Slow Food delegates from across Canada for the annual meeting from April 19-22, 2018. Noelle Chorney, convivium leader, says, “Over the next few months, we will be gathering ideas and resources for dinners, tours, discussion panels and special foodie experiences for the delegates. Many of these will also be open to the public. We welcome suggestions from our community regarding what we should showcase and will also be reaching out in the coming days for volunteers for some of these events.” 

Wolf House Café 
A friend of a friend recently recommended coffee from the Wolf House Café cart that has been set up on the corner of 22nd Street and 2nd Avenue on weekdays. Can anyone fill me in on who they are and their plans? As always, I’m curious about new local food and drink options.

Cider Night Thursdays 
The Glen at Crossmount will be holding Cider Night every Thursday starting June 8. Ice cold pints on the patio are only $6.

Ingredients Artisan Market 
I had fun shopping with a gift card at Ingredients this weekend. As you can see from the photographs (except for the rhubarb), there are lots of options. Did you know they also serve soup and sandwiches at lunchtime?

Eating Local is a Political Act 
This is why I shop at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market:

“For the tiny tomatoes I buy each week from the father with round glasses and his two kids are votes. In the act of purchasing—by consuming intentionally—I cast a vote for my community: that the money stays here in Tucson, where it can do so much more.”

“When we eat local, we create the conditions under which people are able to live the lives they love. . . . To be a farmer, you understand, is to risk. It is an act of faith to plant the crop, to kid the goats, to bring your salsa to the stand. Yet for those of us filled with the creative impulse, to not do so is a betrayal of the self. Our communities are enriched when people are able to be their boldest, most vibrant selves.”

“Certainly it is my habit of visiting the market, and nothing else, which calls me back from this edge. That my Sunday calendar is built around the market, that my body is so accustomed to packing the basket, that I miss the faces there: This is why I eat local. It is a routine not just of purchasing but of connection. In a busy week, the routine reminds me to fill a jar with soup or buy a premade tamale—to let this community, not industrial agriculture, hold me up.”

Summer Reading 
Food Tank’s summer reading list – from food charity to worms.

Is Turmeric a Wonder Drug? 
Turmeric has suddenly become immensely popular with claims ranging from providing pain relief to preventing cancer. Tests to date have been inconclusive, but in the meantime, it’s great in curry.

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