Forge World Model Masterclass Vol. 2

Forge World recently sent out their normal email announcing the next Forge World Masterclass book is available. I can tell you that I picked up the first one when it came out and while it doesn't have a ton of projects in it, the few that are in there are really in-depth.

It's a different kind of book. It's not like it goes over something real quick. You could spend a good deal of time on one project working on one aspect of it until you figured it out and had the results you wanted. Fast paced is not what I would call it and that's a good thing.

I suspect this book is similar. Quality over quantity you could say. None of it is earth shattering stuff, but they are a bit more advanced techniques.

I enjoy these books because they get into the process a bit more than I do on the blog here most of the time. I've only come close once with really getting into a technique and that was with Object Source Lighting. It's interesting to see how something so small can balloon into something so big (5 posts already).

Not that I'm any "master" painter, but it's amazing the stuff you can learn by reading something above your skill level. Even as you pick away at the edges and try the stuff you understand and have the tools for, you learn new things.

I'm looking forward to getting a copy of this new book as well to see what the guys did in this one. I enjoy thumbing through the first one as it seems like I always find something new hidden in there each time I look through it or something else jumps out at me that I missed before.

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