Fried Ice-Cream - By Hazel Tan

Fried Ice-Cream

Cup/round containers
Ziplog bag

How to Do:
1. Take a piece of bread, place an adequate amount of ice-cream in the middle (do not put too much, otherwise the ice-cream will flow out)
2. Cover with another slice of bread and then use a cup or a round container to push down and turn
3. Take off the edges of the bread. Use the thumb and the index finger along the edge of the bread to prevent ice-cream from overflowing
4. Put ice cream bread into ziplog bag, seal and put into refrigerator until ice frozen for more than 6 hours (or overnight)
5. Heat pan and pour oil. Take the bread and ice cream directly from the refrigerator to fry. Oil temperature must be very high to fry the ice cream bread.
6. When the ice-cream bread is golden brown, it is ready to take out to serve!! (Don't fry too long otherwise the ice cream will melt!)