At this time of year, we often have a dilemma, paint our new additions to the ever mounting pile of metal, plastic and resin models or finish off those existing models in the pile. 

This new challenge is to help with motivation to finish up either so for someone like mark it would be more likely to work on his Conquistadores whereas Roger may want to paint up his new Elvira model he made just before Christmas.

As we all paint at different speeds, you set your own target, if you just want to paint a single model, then go for it, if you want to paint a vehicle, no problem, got a new piece of scenery, or one that's been collecting dust for years, paint away. There is no maximum target, and the only minimum is one model, you choose.

If you want to take part, leave a comment below, and list what your target is, the closing date will be 28/02/2021 so that gives you two whole months, why so long ? well with these ever changing times who knows how much time we'll have on our hands over the coming weeks, so 2 months should be plenty of time.

If you want to add to your target at a later point, because you've finished your first one, just add it to your reply below.

I will do a half way round up at the end of January, so we can all see each others progress, but you can always check out each others blogs and see as well.

So to start the ball rolling here's my target :

I was lucky enough to get some new Star Wars models for Christmas, but I have far too many unfinished projects as well, so for every new model I paint I intend to finish an old unit that needs painting, I currently have 3 units of Demonettes and a unit on steed that need painting (all of them are units of 6) so for 4 new models I'm going to clear 24 old ones. If I clear this then I will add to my target.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave