Profiles With Zing

Profiles of board members or employees can be excruciatingly dull – they have two adorable children and they play golf. I’m already yawning.

So when I agreed to write an article about IABC Saskatoon’s board members, I thought long and hard about how to make it a compelling read. We had two goals – to encourage members to volunteer and to start a conversation about future directions for the organization.

I interviewed each board member and asked them two questions:

     1. If I offer you unlimited time or unlimited money, which would you choose? And why?

     2. If I gave IABC Saskatoon $100,000, how would you use it to grow the organization?

Michelle would take her entire extended family on holiday, while Leanne and her family want to camp in as many provincial parks as possible. Darby wants unlimited time so he can have serial careers – from a men’s clothing store to a restaurant to writing and producing a television show. And they have all sorts of ideas for how to grow IABC Saskatoon – from a week-long workshop on communications measurement to hiring staff to go door to door and talk to every communicator in Saskatoon to student scholarships.

I think the responses are interesting and thought-provoking. See what you think:

     Unlimited Time or Unlimited Money

     How members would spend $100,000 to grow the chapter