Rediscovering A 'Classic' - MAC Retro Lipstick

I have always said that everything happens for a reason.  I spent some time thinking about all of my favourite lipsticks and the shades that look the most 'classic'.  I came to the realization that no matter how many lipsticks I buy or try, there is a certain shade that I always have in mind - a wearable 'daytime' red.   I love playing around with different nudes, reds, corals, but finding a daytime red has always been more difficult for me - Until Today :)  I stopped by to visit my mom and helped her with her makeup.  I noticed that she had a ton of MAC lipsticks lying around - they were all the shade 'Retro'.  I haven't worn Retro for a while, so I decided to try it on - I had a massive 'a-ha' moment - it was exactly the shade I was searching for - the perfect daytime red.  Even my mom was stunned that her favourite shade suited me so well and got mad at me for always 'searching' lol.  How did I manage to pass by this lipstick all this time? and most importantly, who am I always searching for different lipsticks.  I think it's time to 'settle' :)  It's like Retro was always sitting in my makeup bag saying 'I'm here, I'm here' and I was just ignoring it :(  Poor Retro!!!  Well, I'll have to make sure that I never ignore this shade again - it's going on my classic essentials list, which is almost complete - I can't wait to share it with you!!!  Here's a pic of me literally just a few minutes after my 'Retro a-ha discovery' moment.  I'm wearing the same makeup as my last post from this morning:

I'm loving the feeling of rediscovering this classic!  Even more so, I love that I've found that perfect daytime red.  I guess you can almost say that today is somewhat of a huge makeup moment for me :)