S'more Pop-Tarts Recipe

S'more Pop-Tarts Recipe Pop-Tarts have easily been my most popular treat to date as well as one of my favorites to make. Everything from mini Pop-Tarts to variety flavors and even a Pop-Tart cake, the possibilities are endless.
S'more Pop-Tarts RecipeCreating the dough, fillings, & toppings for Pop-Tarts can be very time consuming. That's why I chose to use Puff Pastry sheets as a quick & delicious alternative. These tasty treats can be made in under a half hour & will certainly be devoured under that time as well! S'more Pop-Tarts RecipeIngredients:
Puff Pastry sheets
Hershey's chocolate bar
mini marshmallows
graham crackers, crushed

baking tray
parchment paper

Step 1:
Preheat oven to 400 F. 
Step 2:Cut pastry sheets on the fold. Cut each sheet in half.
Step 3:Place chocolate & marshmallows on one half of pastry sheet.
Step 4:Place other half of pastry sheet over the half with filling & press to close the edges. Press down on the edges with a fork to create ridges & secure the sides.
Step 5:Bake for 12-14 minutes or until flakey & golden brown.
Step 6:
Top with more chocolate, graham crackers, & marshmallows. Enjoy!S'more Pop-Tarts Recipe*sponsored post