Shukto - Bitter Melon With A Melange Of Vegetables In Mustard & Poppy Seed Sauce


2 Chinese bitter melons or 3 ucchay, deseeded and chopped
1 sweet potato, peeled and diced
1 russet potato, peeled and diced
2 Oriental eggplants, diced and tossed with salt

4 Tbsp. oil
1/2 tsp. radhuni (wild celery seeds)
2 tej pata (bay leaves)
2 tsp. ginger pastestrained solids from blended mustard & white poppy seed pastes
sliced green chillies
1/4 tsp. sugar

Heat oil in a pan and sputter radhuni and tej pata.Add sweet & russet potatoes, salt and ginger paste.Stir well and cook over medium heat until vegetables are partly cooked.Add karela and salted eggplant, stir well, cover and cook until vegetables are soft.Stir in the mustard and white poppy seed pastes and simmer for 5 minutes Add sugar & green chilies, stir, cover and cook for 2 minutes.Remove from heat and garnish with ghee and green chilies.