SMAK Ukrainian Store Has A New Home

SMAK Ukrainian Store has moved from its previous location on 22nd Street West. They’re now located in a brand-new building on 34th Street, just west of Idylwyld Drive (#30 – 1301 Idylwyld Drive). The store is open from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday.

SMAK's website says that they provide parcel delivery to the Ukraine.

The store has a good selection of canned and frozen goods, not to mention biscuits and candies. I bought a jar of eggplant spread and wish I’d picked up a package of the blueberry or cherry perogies. Another customer pointed out to me that the prices are very reasonable.

SMAK Ukrainian Store no longer has a coffee shop or fresh baked goods.

You can follow SMAK on Facebook.
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Toffee flavoured sweetened condensed milk