Squash Bugs!!

Our garden has been doing so good-- the zucchini plants have produced a lot already, we love them!  But tonight when we went out to check on things....... we found SQUASH BUGS!!!
This is what our plant looked like yesterday

and this is what it looked like today, really it happens that fast.  Clair knew what was wrong with one look at this plant- it's happened before....
YEP!!! We've got squash bugs, and they can take out a plant in a couple of days.  If your plant looks like it is dying, turn the leaves over and look on the back side of them.  These are squash bug eggs, and we found them on A LOT of the leaves.  
 Instead of spraying the whole plant to kill them, we've found the best thing to do is cut the leaves off and dispose of them.  You don't want the eggs to hatch or you will have BIG trouble in your garden.  Clair found one adult bug, but by the time I went in to get the camera he smashed it.  What was he thinking? lol I wish I could show you what they look like because if you find them on your plants you want to get them off.  Anyway within a couple of days the plant will be as good as new- and the leaves grow back too.    Here is a post update!!  We found one of the bugs tonight , this is what they look like.  Ugly- and they can take out a plant in a day!! So watch for them.Pin It