Tutor Resource In Madison And On-Line

Below is a message from Eva Bellinger, an experienced tutor at Literacy Network and also a home-schooling mom. She wrote about a store near East Towne Mall that sells teaching materials for tutors, teachers and home schoolers.
From: Eva Bellinger

There's a teacher supply store on the East Side! Cornerstone Learning Connections. They have a lot of puzzles, games, flash cards, and other useful items. Anything a child can use, a parent can use along with him, and learn.It is a Mom and Pop local store, and has materials some of our tutors might like.Cornerstone is in less than prime retail space. It's in a brown office building, just behind the remains of the old K-Mart store on E. Washington Ave. and Mendota St. Turn off E. Wash onto Mendota St. and take the first driveway left, after the old Kmart [note: for those of us who haven’t lived in Madison for long, the K-Mart is a vacant big-box store with a huge, empty parking lot]. Park between the two brown buildings. Go to the space between the two buildings and take the door on your left.

The address for Cornerstone is 1310 Mendota Street, Suite #118 Madison. I visited the store this week and chatted with the proprietor, Brian. He has plenty of suggestions about materials and methods for tutors of basic literacy and other subjects. The store may be particularly helpful for tutors whose learners ask for help with math, science or other subjects in which Literacy Network does not specialize. You can e-mail him at [email protected]nections.com.

As Eva said, it’s easy to miss the store. But it is very worth dropping in to see what they have. If the location is not convenient, their on-line catalogue shows some very useful materials specific to phonics, vocabulary, English grammar and so on, plus helpful games, graphics and activities to help a tutor and learner get more out of a lesson.

Thanks and kudos to Eva Bellinger, once again, This Week’s Favorite Tutor! Take care and have fun out there.